The next 15th of June will take place the XVIII TECHNICAL DAY OF HOSPITAL ENGINEERING, where we will share the advantages of BIM (Building Information Modeling) applied to the use of Scadas in the hospital world.

We are currently immersed in a technological change that will transform society as we know it today. Concepts such as Industrial Revolution 4.0 or Industry 4.0, IoT (Internet of Things), cirberphysical systems, cybersecurity, etc. are concepts that are already present in our lives and that engineers must prepare themselves to know, acquire and develop within the hospital field.

During the day, we will participate by sharing our vision of the true technological revolution that the BIM is bringing to the management of industrial facilities and how, from Arisnova, we are taking the BIM’s advantages to implement it in the SCADAS.




It is this integration between the BIM and the SCADA that we have called: BeSCADA.