Complex (Control and Monitoring of Extensible PLatforms)


SICP (Integrated Platform Control System)
Cartagena (Spain)


Given the high technical requirements that the control of a military ship SCADA requires, we have participated in the development of our own platform to control all the ship's systems except those of combat. In COMPLEX, all available information is combined, both static and real time, and is represented in 3 different ways (2D, 3D and DATA). These 3 modes allow the control of the entire ship from the view that is most comfortable at all times, being able to navigate between them in a fast and assisted way. All the systems available on each ship are integrated and displayed within the same graphic interface, avoiding the need for different control applications. This system has been implemented in ships of different navies:
  • Spanish
  • Australian
  • Norwegian
  • Venezuelan
  • Peruvian


  • High storage capacity through the use of the InterSystems CACHÉ database.
  • Multiplatform Linux/Windows.
  • Configuration and remote installation center.
  • High performance in tasks programmed in C+++ and in Cache Object Script.
  • High graphic representation capabilities using 2D and 3D.

All available information is combined in COMPLEX,
both static and real time,
and it is represented in 3 different ways (2D, 3D and DATA)


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